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Press & Praise

Our Grey Telfair Boots on Cover Charleston Magazine





Thank you for such a great selection of comfortable, stylish shoes.” –Fran

“Just purchased 2 pair in your Charleston store. I can’t wait to begin wearing them. They are comfort with style, which can be a difficult combination to find.My compliments to your employee who was sweet, knowledgeable, and genuinely kind. Customer service is importan tin today’s world where there is simply not enough. She is a great asset to your company.”– Monica

“Ever since I saw your shoes on the feet of Neely and Katie, I fell in love with them and can’t wait to either visit the store for my purchase or do an online order. I have been sharing site, mostly the FB site. Just wanted to share in my excitement and hopes of this brand of shoes reaching my feet!”– Rene’

I had a great time shopping in your Savannah store. Looking at the shoes and actually putting them on are two totally different experiences. I cannot believe how comfortable they are! With Katie’s help, I bought 3 pairs and could have bought more. Being from California I thought I had seen every shoe on the market, but you surprised me! Gives my wardrobe a whole new look and my feet a whole new feeling!–Connie

I wore my new shoes to my husband’s class reunion with Stanley Strickland (Savannah Sweets) Saturday night, and they were so comfortable. I have trouble with my ankles swelling, and guess what. The band on the ankle serves the purpose of my ace bandage (but with style, of course). You might be on to something bigger with these shoes. They truly are comfortable. I’ve showed them to all my friends and they are excited about purchasing a pair. I definitely will.”–Gaila

I discovered your shoes in a boutique in Auburn, Ala. My first pair were silver. On my recent trip to Savannah, I came looking for a red pair. Wound up buying three–red, black and bronze. And now, my daughter wants a pair of bronze ones for her new spring cocktail dress. I travel almost every week and usually take only one pair of shoes. Your shoes truly go from cobblestone to cocktail..-Sara